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In the age of IT and AI, there is a change in function to access the technology. Computers have become relevant in today's school for a number of reasons. Computers are used in almost every walk of life. Actually we live in a time where everything is largely depended on the use of computers. Phasing out computer labs and putting computers right in the classroom helps with daily use, helps with future preparation, and benefits to learning. Our school computer lab incorporates a great many essential and useful features in itself. There are 40 well equipped computers with latest technology. We use all own LAN with Windows 7 for learning. Currently we can claim 1:1 as the 'student to computer ratio'. A good air circulation system is quite important in a computer lab for mainly two reasons, firstly so as to protect the components from overheating and secondly for the comfort of the users. Providing a computer lab is one of the greatest act towards teaching computer literacy within the school.
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