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Shri Nareshbhai .P. Nemani
The Vice Chairman
It’s an opportunity for me and my team Bilimora Vibhag Kelavni Mandal to make a serious contribution in shaping the future generation. I believe that in changing times we need a fresher perspective to learning. A perspective that encourage us all to adapt and accept the fact that the opportunities and challenges being presented today will become the success stories of tomorrow. I earnestly feel we need to empower our children with tools and an ability to make the right decisions and choices in order to create the success stories of tomorrow. B.S Patel Primary School we want to keep things simple and natural safety comfort and hygiene are at the top of our priority list. The aspiration of giving our children the best of virtual and real world has put us on the path of providing balanced schooling to for our children. With best of learning environment and educational resources coupled with right mix of technology and experiential learning, we aim at imparting high quality education to students. I am sure that with empowered educators, dedicated support team and staff we shall be able to give the students the best of learning opportunities.
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