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IMPORTANCE OF ART & CRAFT LAB IN LEARNING ART. Art and Craft lab is a place where learners can express their artistic views and can develop their imagination power. Students can also build a personality of positive thinking with proper attitude. This lab is the place of experiments with creativity. Here various types of activities related to art and craft such as waste material utilization, painting, printing, pot decoration, flower arrangement, wall hanging, Bottle decoration, pillow decoration, marble pot, marble mirror etc. have conducted. Our hugely experienced expert teachers heartily help the learners to show their talent. Art educations may be perceived as a tool for the development as aesthetic sensibility among learner to enable them to respond to the beauty in color, shape, from, movement. Art educations and appreciation of one’s cultural heritage may go side by side and reinforce the understanding of each other’s. Art educations enables students and faculty to fully experience the joy of teaching learning. It enables them to fully appreciate and experience the beauty of the universe and helps in their healthy-mental development. Other object of art educations are to being student closer to their environment , to them about their cultural heritage and to inculcate in them respect for each other’s work. Fine art would have developed enough motivations and interest among them in the subject. Art educations can provide most satisfying medium of creative expression which has to be given due importance the best interest of the society. We have a beautiful ART & CRAFT lab to enhance students for their art activity. We have tried to develop their color sense, value of heritage and as well as beauty of nature. We teach them how to develop proper collage work, poster design and mainly thing that how to prepare any model useful for teaching learning out of waste or low cost materials. Value of Art and Craft in Student Life: 1. Helps in Enhancing Motor Skills: Art is a blessing for pre-schoolers since it helps them in improving their motor skills. In addition, it also improves their hand-eye coordination. The improvement in motor dexterity in turn helps them in enhancing their formal writing skills. 2. Enhances Problem Solving Capabilities: When working on art and craft it is necessary to take decision such as which color to select and how to draw the lines and sizes. This, in turn, helps in improving their ability to solve problems. 3. Boosts Self-Esteem: Often art activities are carried out in class-rooms and the feedback provided by teachers during those activities helps in building a student’s self-esteem as well as assist him or her learn how to accept praise and also criticism for the work they do.
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